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Mobile Services in Banking Sector: The Role of Innovative Business Solutions in Generating Competitive Advantage

[ by Rajnish Tiwari, Stephan Buse and Cornelius Herstatt ]

Project status: completed

Project report: published and available

The wide-ranging economic developments of the previous decade, e.g. the integration of world economies, have made a significant impact towards increasing the mobility of the working populace and their families. At the same time, technological developments especially in the field of telecommunication have made it possible to offer innovative, location sensitive services on ubiquitous basis to customers on the move.

This project examines innovative mobile solutions in the field of mobile financial services (MFS) by using four case studies from Germany and Switzerland – representing two banks (Deutsche Postbank AG and comdirect bank) and two different technology solution providers (the browser-based solution of Sevenval AG and the client-based solution of Vipera GmbH). The project scrutinizes the strategic relevance of MFS to the competitive position of the firm concerned.

Finally, we derive propositions about the role of innovative business solutions in the banking sectors to prepare for a larger-scale empirical study to test these propositions at a later stage.

For further information:
Rajnish Tiwari / Dr. Stephan Buse
Tel: +49 - (0)40 - 428 78 - 37 76 / 38 29
rajnish.tiwari@tuhh.de / stephan.buse@tuhh.de