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Viability of mTAN

[ By Rajnish Tiwari and Stephan Buse ]

Project status: completed

The Mobile Transaction Number ("mTAN") is gaining popularity with some banks. Many banks are introducing it not only for Mobile Banking but also for "conventional" Online Banking. The reasons to offer it seem to be obvious: a) better security, b) cost reduction in user support, e.g. via Call Centers for online customers, and c) the hope to attract some offline users to the online channels to further reduce costs in offline support.

Many banks however also remain sceptical. SMS costs in many countries, for instance in Germany, are quite high. Can the bank expect that the customer would be willing to at least share a part of it? What would be the nett savings (per customer) that the bank may reasonably and realistically hope to achieve by offering, and promoting, mTAN? Are there any strategic considerations to take into account? And last but not least, is the customer willing to utilize mTAN?

This project seeks to answer these questions. Preparations for the project launch are on. Since mTAN is not yet widely offered, the project would seek to generate some "working hypotheses" using case studies of banks already offering these services and talking with technology solution providers and network carriers. An empirical survey of customer acceptance is also planned.

We seek industry partners for this project with (initial) experiences in offering mTAN or SMS and who are interested in getting an answers to the questions above.

For further information:
Rajnish Tiwari / Dr. Stephan Buse
Tel: +49 - (0)40 - 428 78 - 39 51 / 38 29
rajnish.tiwari@tuhh.de / stephan.buse@tuhh.de