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Research Project: Mobile Commerce

  Press Releases on Mobile Banking
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Mobile Banking Study Results Published
Hamburg (18.04.2006): The Hamburg-based “Research Project Mobile Commerce” has published two strategy papers on the future prospects of Mobile Banking. [Download as PDF]

Mobile Banking Gains Strategic Relevance: Workshop in Hamburg
Hamburg (13.02.2006): Mobile Banking has staged a remarkable come-back in Germany, as a study by University of Hamburg recently discovered. The rapid acceptance of mobile financial services has created new opportunities and challenges for providers of financial services. A workshop in Hamburg sets out to deliberate strategic implications of increased customer mobility for banks and other related institutions. [Download as PDF]

Mobile Banking Stages a remarkable Come-back in Germany
Hamburg (19.01.2006): Mobile Banking, availment of bank-related financial services via mobile devices such as cell phones, is on the verge of staging a remarkable come-back in Germany. After almost 4 years of oblivion it is slowly but surely showing signs of a healthy recovery as a study by University of Hamburg (UHH) reveals. [Download as PDF]